“Bradford Rowley produces masterful oiled canvases.” -Shutterbug Magazine 


The Bradford Portrait is unmistakably rich and displays exquisite taste.

International award-winning, Bradford is recognized both inside and outside the industry as one of the world’s top portraitist for his dramatic and classical approach to the art. Within the industry, he has taught photographers from more than 80 countries, and is the only photographer in the world that has been paid more than one hundred thousand dollars to teach at a single event.  He has had articles published in both national and international publications, has been a keynote speaker at both national and international conventions, and has served 3 years as the Advisory Chairman of the prestigious Presidential Circle.


Top Photographers from the United States and Canada came to Bradford’s Palm Beach location in July to learn new techniques

Among Bradford’s clients is a dedication unmatched within the industry. The average Bradford client travels more than 100 miles round-trip, passing scores of other studios along the way. Clients have even been known to fly from across the country to be photographed by Bradford only to immediately board an airplane back home as soon as their session is complete. During the last 27 years, Bradford Portraits has photographed well over 10,000 clients from around the world.

Some photographs our clients send to us of our portraits in their homes


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